Sunday, August 20, 2006

Places : Union Square Ballroom

Union Square Ballroom
By MCRBride:
This space we came close to using cause of all the great prices and thing included.
But it came down to, we didn’t like that it was underground with no window, and that the wedding had to be held from 12-5.

Info Given in July 06 for a Fall 07 Wedding:
For around 110 guests:
$13,000 inclusive of tax and service charge will include:
-5 Hour Event concluding by 5:00pm
-Ceremony in ballroom
-Beer and Wine for the entire event
-1 hour of cocktails in our lounge which will include
-3 hand passed hors d'oeuvres
-Buffet Meal and Viennese Dessert Station in our ballroom
-Tables, Chairs, China, Glassware, and Silverware Cotton Table and Buffet Linens in Any Color Candle Votives throughout entire space
-Customized Menu Cards Use of DJ equipment and Phazon Sound System
-Use of Bridal Changing area with Complimentary Champagne Ceremony on Site

Additional Fees will include the below and are optional:

-Coat Check $250
 -Sound Technician $250 (must have sound tech if group chooses to have DJ or band wants to use our system)
-Security Guard for Entrance $250
-Bathroom Attendant $250
*Any rentals above and beyond what we include will be an additional charge.
*There is plenty of room for a dance floor with seating for 100 guests.

We provide staffing for your event which is included in the price.
*There is a parking garage on 16th street (around the corner) that can provide you with a discount.
*You can come into the space for set up as early as needed however the event will need to be over at 5:00pm and depending on if the space is booked for the evening will determine the out time.
*There is a women's and men's restroom each with 3 stalls.

More photos can be seen here:
On Henry Chan’s website under Weddings

Also photos taken when I went to see it:


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