Monday, February 12, 2007

Makeup and Hair : NYC Makeup and Hair vendors

A lot of this information was originally provided by knottie curlyjoe .
A huge thank you to her!
I added some others to it.
This information was provided for weddings in 2006 and 2007, so prices may have changed.

-New York Magazine's list.

Knottie recommendations:

-Sally Duvall Makeup.
-Meredith Carre Makeup.
-Once Upon a Bride
-Michelle Loconte Makeup.
-Rosemarie of NY ProStyle

Mia Hendrickson of the Bridal Lounge .
She does both makeup and hair.

Click on image to view larger:

David Kalahiki makeup.

Laura Nadeau Makeup

Stacy Pitt hair.

Maureen and Claudia Pedala , Maureen does makeup, Claudia does hair (I think she does makeup too though)

Patrycja Korzeniak Makeup.

Piera Canu Makeup.

Niquay Fa makeup.


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