Monday, August 28, 2006

Desserts : Sweet Melissa’s

Review of Sweet Melissa’s from CITYSEARCH

Amareluz wrote:
1) On cupcakes - Hermia, Sweet Melissa's cupcakes are great and Andrea (the baker) is really wonderful to with with. We're having three different types of cupcakes and her prices for decorated and filled cupcakes were reasonable (I thought). She was also very generous in the tastings and then left me other flavors to try at the store. Again, let me know if you need the contact info for her and I'll post it. P.S. I do think she has a cupcake tree...

2) We did have cupcakes! I think, based on people's comments, that they were one of the highlights of the wedding... We got ours from Sweet Melissa's in Brooklyn and they were $4/cupcake. We had three great flavors (lemon, chocolate-passion fruit, toasted almond) and she made these great sugar decorations (3-D flowers, butterflies, birds, etc). She also delivered and set them up (and has a cupcake stand).

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