Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Places : The Foundry

The Foundry
MCRBride's venue.
In Long Island City. An amazing, raw, industrial feeling place. Fresser posted about it in more detail on p 2 of the NYC area weddings for 2007 and beyond... thread.
2007 RATES

April, July, August, November, December
Monday-Thursday: $3,500
Friday: $4,000
Saturday: $5,000
Sunday: $4,000

May, June, September, October
Monday-Thursday: $4,000
Friday: $5,000
Saturday: $6,000
Sunday: $5,000

January, February, March
Monday-Thursday: $3,000
Friday: $3,000
Saturday: $4,000
Sunday: $3,000

Please note that during long holiday weekends (for example Labor Day weekend), the Sunday rate becomes the Saturday rate.


Inside the Foundry we can comfortably seat up to 125 with a dance floor, but you also have the option to use our courtyard (please be sure to check photos on our website) to accommodate larger groups up to 160 guests for a sit-down dinner. Even for smaller parties, the courtyard is perfect for a cocktail hour or even a ceremony.

Clients may choose to rent a tent in the event of foul weather, or keep the courtyard exposed. Outside space in the courtyard is additional to rent.
Rental rate is determined by size. These prices are fixed and do not vary by day or season.

30'x40' - $1,500
30'x60' - $1,750

Please note that these rates do NOT include tent rental. Use of the courtyard is usually available only Friday-Sunday. Please be sure to visit our Images page on our website for photos.


The rental rate allows you to occupy the space up to 12 hours. This block of time also covers time to set things up and breakdown. Most clients choose a block of 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM as the party curfew is 12:30 AM and the caterers or other vendor’s breakdown until 2:00 AM after you and your guests leave. We allow you 12 hours so you have the flexibility of coming in earlier in the afternoon to set up additional decorations etc. in the space. If you wish to extend the guest curfew past 12:30 AM, an overtime rate of $750/hour will be charged.


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