Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Places : Pochron Studios

Pochron Studios
By MCRBride:
Galina at Pochron was very responsive, and willing to come down a bit on the rental price.
Galina wrote:
The rate for a weekend event in the fall is 4,500; rates are negotiable
based on number of people and date of event.

Because our focus is on you, we only host one event per weekend. I
provide doorman service for the arrival of the guests and a staff of
two over sees the event.

Info given to MCRBride:
-We have 110 guests.
That's absolutely fine!
-Is it the same price for Saturday and Sunday?
Yes. One event per weekend, you can set up whenever and it can end
whenever. Tables and chairs can even delivered on Friday from 2 to 6. It's
your weekend not just the day.
-Can Pochron fit 110 guest with seated buffet and dancing?
They've fit 150 people with that.
-Do you have an in house caterer?
We don't but we can suggest a few caterers. (realfoods.net, naturallydelicious.com)
-Or is it just the space, doorman, and 2 event staff provided for the

Contact Info:
Galina Kurlat
Pochron Studios
20 Jay St, 11th Floor
Suite 1100
Brooklyn, NY 11201
p. 718.237.1332 x305
f. 718.237.1328


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