Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Places : Top of the Times

Top of the Times
By Brooklynbride2007
Praised by boogiewonderland: The website is a little out of date. The capacity listed is for only a portion of the roof, but you can now rent the entire roof and I think it holds up to 200 or so.
The space is $500 per hour on weekends. We were hoping for views, but the building is overshadowed by some tall skyscrapers. It would be nice option if you were looking for something outside, but not in a park. There is a tent up from April through October. You can bring your own caterer or use theirs. There are some tables and chairs that could be used for seating, so you could save a bit on rentals. The indoor space felt a bit institutional, we don't have the flower budget to warm it up.


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